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I managed to slip over on 6-November-2015 and fracture the femoral head of my right hip. This blog is just to keep friends and relatives up-to-date with my recovery. It also will show where the NHS is good and where there is opportunity to improve. If you click the images tab (above) there are a few images of the break before and after the repair.

Update 10-June-2016 - sadly the femoral head has avascular necrosis and a total hip replacement will be carried out on 15-June-2016

I am home in Stoke Bruerne

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Day 10

Another uneventful night.  I expect Mrs Noisyness in the next bay may have been discharged to some other type of care.

I discovered yesterday the type of place I may be sent as a 'halfway house'. The one suggested to me by a friend is one used a lot by Northamptonshire County Council and lies just to the north of the town at Turn Furlong Specialist Centre, Kingsthorpe - click here for details. If that's the kind of place then I am all for it and I'll go as soon as they think I am ready.

I expect another quiet day as it's Sunday which makes me think kneeling might not be too easy!

A lovely Sunday lunch of roast turkey and all the trimmings.

Christoph - I am pleased to see an
image of hips behind him!
I had one of those 'eureka' moments this morning when I remembered that one of the people we went round Australia with in 1996 in our little Citroen 2CVs is Christoph 'Bastard' Ahrens MD from Germany (Bastard because there is, apparently, no German equivalent for the word and they loved it)! Christoph is an Orthoepaedic surgeon (in Australia now I think) and he will be so helpful, I know, in giving me good advice for the longer term future. The image on the left is a very professional Christoph - my abiding memory of him is lying under his beloved 2CV somewhere near Lassiter's Cave after coming off the Gunbarrel Highway in the middle of the night and pouring rain with his rear suspension hanging off. Oh we did have some laughs then!

I must have done something very wrong today as I have now been banished to a side room - it is actually very nice and quiet and I can do my own thing.  I am having an interesting chat with my friend Christoph (above).

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