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I managed to slip over on 6-November-2015 and fracture the femoral head of my right hip. This blog is just to keep friends and relatives up-to-date with my recovery. It also will show where the NHS is good and where there is opportunity to improve. If you click the images tab (above) there are a few images of the break before and after the repair.

Update 10-June-2016 - sadly the femoral head has avascular necrosis and a total hip replacement will be carried out on 15-June-2016

I am home in Stoke Bruerne

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Day 38

Lois Carter's small dutch barge Friesland
outside the Canal Museum (Photo: Louise Stockwin)
Although it is 5:30 I did sleep like a log last night. I was excused the injection in my tummy (to prevent DVT) because the nurse said red wine did a similar job - bring on the red wine I say.

Last night's Illuminated Boats and Carols on the Cut was a huge success but in reality too much of a success with numbers of people attending far exceeding our expectations.  There were issues with indiscriminate parking, cars getting stuck in the Church car park (having to be removed by 4x4), and almost a gridlock.  The idea behind the event is to thank the village for putting up with the two other events during the year (Family Festival and Village at War) so we need to find a way of dealing with the interest at next year's event.  

At least that's taken my mind off the hip which, in reality, is feeling a great deal better however I am still anxious about the Fracture Clinic appointment tomorrow.

Very close to D-day now - feeling apprehensively positive (if that's possible).

My friend Mike came to see me this evening - thank you Mike.  Lynda has sent me some images taken last yesterday in Stoke Bruerne so if anyone wishes to see them please click here.

Time to set my alarm for 05:30 - like being back at work!

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