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I managed to slip over on 6-November-2015 and fracture the femoral head of my right hip. This blog is just to keep friends and relatives up-to-date with my recovery. It also will show where the NHS is good and where there is opportunity to improve. If you click the images tab (above) there are a few images of the break before and after the repair.

Update 10-June-2016 - sadly the femoral head has avascular necrosis and a total hip replacement will be carried out on 15-June-2016

I am home in Stoke Bruerne

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

No 5 of an occasional update

Had a session with my physio yesterday.  She says that the Ilotibial band (ITB) is so inflamed that normal muscle recovery is being affected.  Her advice to me is to revisit the GP (appointment made for 8 days time) and ask for a steroid injection to calm things down and thereby give the muscles a chance to repair themselves and possibly an MRI scan - what I am experiencing is not unheard of but is not common. The injection won't fix the issue but will give me the chance to let the muscles heal whilst the inflamation is held in check. I really struggled this morning and am feeling somewhat disappointed that my recovery has started to mark time.  Note to self - not break another hip!

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